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REVOV R9 – 51.2V 200Ah 10.2kWh

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The REVOV 2nd LiFePO4 R9 is an energy storage
Lithium Iron Phosphate battery using a superior
16 cell configuration, made up of automotive
grade cells, which is designed to withstand
harsher conditions, extreme temperatures and
with a higher energy density.


• LiFePO4 chemistry is considered very safe even if fully charged.
• Reliability – battery designed to operate in almost any environment.
• Durability – life expectancy exceeding 10 years at 25oC.
• Supports parallel bus bar connection.
• External BMS.
• Manufacturing plants comply with the legislation in each country and with international quality standards ISO9001 and Qs9000.
• Residential, Business, Factory, Data Centres or Telecoms Base Station backup.
• Solar, Wind or Hybrid Storage.
• Reduce Peak Usage Charges from the Grid



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Weight 53 kg
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