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REVOV B100 – 51.2V 100Ah 5.1kWh

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The REVOV LiFePO4 B100 is a Lithium Iron
Phosphate battery designed to be part of
an inverter-controlled energy storage system
for residential, business or factory power
backup. The anti-theft technology makes
the battery an undesirable target for thieves.


• Ideal for telecom base station batteries – as more efficient and longer lasting than lead-acid batteries.
• Lighter and more compact, with a modular design – an advantage for communication stations that need to install equipment in limited space.
• Anti-theft Protection.
• LCD display shows battery information such as state of charge configuration.
• Warranted for daily cycling.
• Communication with leading inverter brands through the use of an RCU extension.
• Reduced Peak Usage charges from the grid.
• Built in protection – Over-discharge / over-charge protection, temperature protection, short circuit protection.
• Plug-n-Play in an inverter controller ESS – The inverter is configured as the first line of safety with slightly stricter upper and lower bounds on controls, (like the over and under voltage and temperature thresholds) than those that are pre-configured in the BMS.


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